Why are the helmets on the construction site different in color? What research is there?

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Of course, this is exquisite. The color of the hat is different, and the identity of the person wearing the hat is also different. You can't just take one and put it on your head. That will cause unnecessary misunderstanding, and the color of the hat will be different., Is to facilitate the needs of management.
The safety helmet is a protective equipment to prevent the impact from hurting the head. Composed of cap shell, cap liner, lower cheek strap and back hoop. When the operator's head is impacted by falling objects, the impact force is decomposed to the entire area of the skull by using the helmet cap shell and cap lining in an instant, and then most of the impact force is absorbed by using the elastic deformation, plastic deformation and allowable structural damage of the buffer structure of each part of the helmet, so that the final impact force applied to the head of the operator is reduced to less than 4900N, thus protecting the head of the operator. The cap shell material of the safety helmet plays an important role in the overall resistance performance of the safety helmet.
According to the relevant provisions, the safety helmet to implement color separation management. Red safety helmet is used by management personnel, yellow safety helmet is used by operation personnel, blue safety helmet is used by maintenance (construction, test, etc.) personnel, and white safety helmet is used by foreign visitors. The safety helmet is marked with the State Grid Corporation of China in front, followed by the name and number of the unit, and is stored in a fixed position according to the number. Generally speaking, first-line power supply employees will not wear red-colored safety helmets. In simple terms, Guodian system: white: leaders, blue: managers, yellow: construction personnel, red: foreign personnel. Oil system: white: management personnel, yellow: safety supervision personnel, red: operation personnel.