Teach you how to maintain protective glasses

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Protective glasses maintenance method

1. Placement of protective glasses:

If the glasses are temporarily placed, please place the convex side of the glasses upward. If the convex side of the glasses is placed downward, the lenses will be worn.

2, protective glasses to wipe the lens method:
Use a clean special wiping cloth, be sure to hold the rim wire on the side of the wiping mirror by hand, and gently wipe the lens. Avoid damage to the frame or lens caused by excessive force.

3. The protective glasses should be placed in the corresponding glasses case. When you do not wear glasses, please wrap them in glasses cloth and put them in the glasses case. Please avoid contact with insect repellents, toilet cleaners, cosmetics, hair spray, drugs and other corrosive items, otherwise it will cause deterioration, deterioration and discoloration of lenses and frames.

4. If the protective glasses are wet, they should be dried. If they dry naturally, the scale will become a stain, which is difficult to wipe clean and cannot see clearly.
Requirements for use of protective glasses

Protective glasses can help protect the eyes. They are aimed at impact injuries. The protection against liquid splashes or droplets does not reach the level of protective goggles. They are usually not used for infection control.

The protective goggles must have a close fit with the face, especially at the corners of the eyes where they meet the eyebrows. Although protective goggles work well against splashes or splashes on the eyes, they do not provide such protection to other parts of the face.