The Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau went to Shengtang Town to carry out the law enforcement inspection of occupational disease protection articles.

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In order to strengthen and standardize the supervision and management of labor protection equipment, ensure the safety and health of employees, prevent and reduce accidents and occupational hazards of employees in the process of labor operations, and promote safe production of enterprises, recently, Cen Shuiqi, a member of the party group of the Municipal Safety Supervision Bureau and law enforcement team leader, led a team to Shengtang Town to carry out law enforcement inspection of enterprise occupational disease protection equipment. Chen Yuwen, member of the Party Committee and executive deputy mayor of Shengtang Town, Feng Xinhui, director of the Safety Supervision Office, and staff of the Safety Supervision Office participated in the inspection.
The main contents of this inspection are: the production and business operation units provide employees with occupational disease protection articles for personal use; the correct use of occupational disease protection equipment and occupational disease protection articles by employees; the filing of occupational health in production and business operation units and the implementation of the responsibility system for production safety and occupational disease hazard prevention and control. In view of the problems found in the inspection, law enforcement personnel require the production and business units to make rectification immediately.
In view of the problems found in the law enforcement inspection of occupational disease protection articles, law enforcement personnel put forward four requirements for production and business units on the spot: first, to implement the main responsibility of occupational disease prevention and control, establish and improve various management systems, and strengthen the management and education of employees; second, to carry out the detection of occupational disease hazard factors, declare and record, and set up warning signs and bulletin boards; Third, employees should be equipped with personal protective equipment in line with national occupational health standards; fourth, it is necessary to do a good job in the occupational health examination of employees before, during and after leaving the post, ensure the early prevention, and effectively protect the health rights and interests of workers.