Composition structure of safety helmet

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The safety helmet is composed of three parts: cap shell, cap lining and chin strap.
(1) Cap shell: This is the main component of the safety helmet, generally using elliptical or hemispherical thin shell structure. This structure will produce a certain pressure deformation under the impact pressure. Due to the rigid performance of the material to absorb and disperse the force, plus the smooth surface and the circular curve, it is easy to make the impact object slip away, and reduce the impact time. According to the needs and strengthen the strength of the helmet shell, the shell can be made into a variety of types such as light top, top ribs, with and without edges.
(2) Cap lining: Cap lining is the general name of the parts in the cap shell that directly contact the top of the wearer's head. It is composed of cap hoop ring belt, top belt, protective belt, support belt, sweat absorption belt, liner technical tether, etc. The material of the hat lining can be made of cotton webbing, synthetic fiber belt and plastic lining belt. The hat hoop is a ring-shaped belt, which tightly surrounds the person's head when wearing. The forehead part of the belt is lined with sweat-absorbing material, which has a certain sweat-absorbing effect. The ring band of cap hoop can be divided into fixed band and adjustable band. There are two types of cap hoop with back neck hoop and without back neck hoop. The top belt is a lining belt in contact with the top of the head. The top belt and the cap shell can be connected with rivets, or the socket of the cap shell can be connected with the socket of the cap shell. The top is cross-shaped and six-bar-shaped. 4~6 sockets shall be provided accordingly.
(3) chin strap: the strap attached to the chin is used to fix the safety helmet. the chin strap consists of a strap and a locking card. Cap lining without back neck strap, with "y" shaped chin strap.