Safety shoes

A defensive equipment necessary to protect the personal safety and health of workers in the production process plays a very important role in reducing occupational hazards.


Labor protection articles are divided into nine categories according to the protection parts:

(1) Safety helmet class. Is used to protect the head, anti-impact, crush injury protective gear. Mainly plastic, rubber, glass, gummed paper, cold and bamboo and rattan helmets.

⑵ Breathing protectors. It is an important protective product for the prevention of pneumoconiosis and occupational diseases. According to the purpose, it is divided into three categories: dustproof, anti-virus and oxygen supply, and is divided into two categories: filter type and isolation type according to the principle of action.

⑶ Eye protection gear. To protect the eyes and face of operators and prevent external injuries. It is divided into welding eye protection equipment, furnace eye protection equipment, anti-impact eye protection equipment, microwave protection equipment, laser protection glasses and anti-X-ray, anti-chemical, anti-dust and other eye protection equipment.

(4) Hearing protection. Hearing protectors should be used when working in an environment above 90dB(A) for a long time or above 115dB(A) for a short time. There are three types of earplugs, earmuffs and helmets.

(5) Protective shoes. Used to protect the foot from injury. The main products are anti-smashing, insulation, anti-static, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, non-slip shoes, etc.

(6) Protective gloves. Used for hand protection, mainly acid and alkali resistant gloves, electrical insulation sets, welding gloves, anti-X-ray gloves, asbestos gloves, etc.

(7) Protective clothing. It is used to protect workers from physical and chemical factors in the working environment. Protective clothing is divided into special protective clothing and general work clothing two categories.

(B) Fall protection equipment. Used to prevent falling accidents. There are mainly safety belts, safety ropes and safety nets.

9 skin care products. For the protection of exposed skin. divided into skin care cream and detergent.

In all industries, labor protection articles must be equipped. According to the actual use, it should be replaced according to time. During the distribution, the distribution shall be carried out separately according to different types of work, and the ledger shall be kept.

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